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Room in a Day -Virtual

Need help in creating a design plan for your room that you can work with and complete on your own?

This service is intended for clients that would like to work directly with Karen virtually to help create a master design plan but are willing to do the legwork themselves. It provides you with the foundation that is necessary to create that perfect space.

Karen works with you through a 2-hour video consultation giving you direct access to professional design expertise, insider tips, and advice. Then Karen will work in her studio and work in a single day taking your vision and ideas to create your “master design plan” that will help you create your dream room.

A Room in a Day giving you a Master Plan from a professional that you can use to complete your design on your own!

Cost is $1400 per room (Discount Given for Multiple Rooms )

Why it is right for you!

  • You’re struggling with creating a good design for your room and would love a professional to give a step by step plan.
  • You’re overwhelmed by the never-ending choices for your home and want a professional to give a stress-free process to make the right choices.
  • You want to learn about the best quality choices and solutions available that fit into my family's lifestyle.

How it Works!

First Book Your Free Discovery Call Here…


Room in a Day Design Consultation

Once payment is collect and your questionnaire is filled out, you will meet with Karen in a 2-hour video consultation call. This is where Karen discusses with you virtually to outline your "Master Design Plan”. Karen determines your desired design direction. She reviews your ‘wish list’ and any photos or style ideas you may have collected for inspiration. She then creates a furniture floor plan if needed online with you. Together, you collaborate in creating an outline of your room's Master Design Plan.

Karen creates a personalized Pinterest Board at the appointment (using online sources) to store ideas from your day so you have them to use right away.

Marker Girl Studio Time

In her design studio, Karen then spends a day pulling together your official “Master Design Plan” based on the discoveries made during the consultation.

Your Master Design Plan includes

  • Furniture Floor Plan
  • Design Master Plan - showcasing the design concept and all the details
  • Design Guide - suggesting what type of furniture to buy
  • Decorating Details - how to implement the plan
  • A Room Quick Guide - FAQ's for your room type
  • Design Binder Shipped To You - to help keep your organized

Your plan is emailed to you within 5 business days.

Follow-Up Sessions

As you work with your Master Design Plan, for the first 30 days you will have 2 follow-up emails from Karen. This so you can check-in and ask Karen any questions you have about the plan.

After you receive your Master Design Plan, Karen offers Design Consulting sessions as packages of hours if you want additional help or guidance.

*Please note we are unable to provide trade access with this service.

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